Achievements and Influence


  • LATEST - July 2017 - Stopping the plans for 'search and fine' cameras on Ormskirk's council car parks
  • Ensuring that councillor attendance records are published for the first time
  • Changing Council approach so that they have invested in retail properties in Ormskirk which produces a good return for the taxpayer while allowing the council to work to attract a better retail mix to the town
  • Halting proposals to close Park Pool—our 1000 name petition prompted a rapid council rethink
  • We led the campaign to reduce from two Managing Directors to one—6 months later the main parties caught up
  • Our council motion led to the Introduction of Public Question Time at council meetings from this coming May
  • Updated recycling advice including for new recyclable materials was produced by council after pressure from us
  • Our council motion has led to a registration scheme that allows residents to know about planning applications in their area

Good Ideas Above Party Politics